Who is David Hale? An Insight of Rockford Tea Party's Hypocritical Organizer...(UPDATED)

Posted by on November 1, 2011

David Hale is the organizer of the Rockford Tea Party and a City of Rockford Precinct Committeeman (Ward 8 Precinct 4). Hale is perhaps best nationally known for his stint on Fox News and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart after locating the fourteen Wisconsin Senators who fled the state to delay a vote on a controversial budget proposal. What is not as well known is that Mr. Hale is a brute who often resorts to lies and manipulation to get his way. The mother of his child even had to file an Order of Protection against Hale in 1999, which may make one wonder if Hale is also a violent person. Being a curious person with critical thinking skills, I decided to uncover the mystery of David Hale. I was surprised by how much irresponsibility and hypocrisy I found. Not to mention the socialist and fascist ideas Mr. Hale possessed.

Recently, Mr. Hale has rallied hard against the local Occupy movement. (Occupy Rockford) He makes a point to walk around and slowly tape the rally, taking care to catch everyone participating on film. With the help of his minion, Ulysses Arn, David Jerry Hale Jr. performs crafty editing, and uses plants to attempt to discredit this movement. He then spreads his propaganda all over the internet, and describes the movement in many false and “scary” ways. You know, the typical, “They are communists!”, “They are a bunch of hippies with no jobs!” and so on. What Mr. Hale failed to tell his followers is that he actually lacks personal responsibility, and chooses exotic vacations over his financial obligations.

In January 2008, David decided to take a vacation to Acapulco. That in itself is fine, everyone deserves a vacation or two. It becomes problematic when he chooses to take these vacations when he knows he has not paid on his government backed student loans. In April of 2008, the state refused to renew his nursing license due to David defaulting on his student loan. (You can find this information on idpfr.com. David is listed under Nurses, Registered.)

Information found on:
- Probation 06/06/2008 Defaulted on an Illinois educational loan and has now entered into a repayment agreement.
- Refuse To Renew 04/21/2008 06/06/2008 Defaulting on an Illinois educational loan.

As you can see, it did take David a few months to get things cleared up. Perhaps he should take his own advice and stop living beyond his means? How does this make for smaller government? I mean, accepting a loan from this tremendously HUGE government only adds to the problem. Then, live it up in Mexico, don’t pay your loan back, therefore ADD to the current problem. Nope, no hypocrisy there! Bravo Hale, bravo!

It does make sense though. After all, David Hale hates the United States. His words from an article on his own blog: (http://whiskeythug.blogspot.com/2008/01/amerifirma.html) [UPDATE] Mr. Hale has since removed his blog. Click here to view the screen grab of this article.

“I hate the United States but I love America. There is a difference. America is a place founded more than two hundred years ago that is and was a place for real freedom. The United States is a place that was founded ten years after America that actually replaced America with the articles of confederation. Now we are not America, we are the USA. Strange but true. Not a well know fact but a fact nonetheless. The crazy thing is that while in Mexico, I didn't see any oppression there of the Mexicans by America or even the dreaded USA. In fact they seemed pretty free and pretty happy.”

“I don't think the USA is worth dying for…”

“And I would still rather live in Chile or England...”

These are the words of someone who claims to have served in the US Army. (That may not be exactly true either, right David?) Rather unpatriotic and maybe even a little traitorous.

While there may not be anything wrong with being nearly 50 years old and living at home with your mother, I find it to be a character flaw for Mr. Hale to collect welfare while at the same time railing against these very programs that he financially benefits from. Hale resides in a home that receives assistance with property taxes for the elderly. These property taxes have gone from $1442.90 in 2003 to a mere $441.76 in 2010. While I think these programs and breaks are a wonderful form of safety nets, I question how one qualifies. Certainly David and his household income must fall outside of the income bracket for this tax break. His income alone is reported as at least being $88K per year from Hale Advertising. In addition to this, there may be additional revenue from his other business, David Hale Photography, along with the ability to be a full time RN who can easily make $40K+ per year. So which is it, does he lie about how much he makes, or does he falsify information to the government to obtain assistance?

Finally, I believe that David Hale has a dash of fascism in his soul. After reading what he would do if he were president, I got a great laugh and some more insight into this man. Please note how he contradicts himself. (http://whiskeythug.blogspot.com/2008/01/if-i-was-president.html) [UPDATE] Mr. Hale has since removed his blog. Click here to view the screen grab of this article.

  • “I would first abolish the IRS. In abolishing the IRS I would also make income tax a simple flat rate of 10 percent across the board with no tax write offs, and I mean none for anyone. Those millionaires at the top who write off everything to the point that they pay less than one-percent would no longer get away with paying nothing…”
  • “I would then freeze all government spending on a two year freeze…”
  • “All government spending would also be frozen. No additional funds would be provided for additional spending. In fact spending would be reduced. This would include the entire Congress and Judiciary. And if some renegade federal judge decided it was unconstitutional I would fire that judge.”
  • “Next I would write an executive order that all illegal immigrants must leave the country. I would give them a three month VISA to wrap up their affairs and return to their home countries. After their visa is expired they would be arrested and deported.”
  • “I would then make all college education free for all first time black students who qualify with good grades in state funded or federally funded institutions. It is time to patriate blacks into America fully and part of that is paying them some sort of reparations for 300 years of history. Though none lived through slavery they do live with the ghost and burden of it. We must help them carry their burden, and I would ask whites to help their fellow Americans so that one day blacks Americans will be able to join the American life fully with equal educations and mutually carry the burden that we all must carry.”
  • “I would then make a push for congress to go back to a part time institution. They don't need to be full time. They are already making to many laws. Thats what lawmakers do when they have nothing better to do. They make laws that we don't need. I would then emphasize to the American people the power of personal responsibility. Taking responsibility for who they are.”
  • “I would also freeze property taxes nationwide and write an executive order that no person can be thrown out of their home and no person can have their home seized for not paying property taxes.”
  • “I would nationalize all teachers jobs. They would no longer be merely localized they would be required to work for the federal government which would be paid for from each states educational fund. Teachers would no longer have summers off but would be required to work year round in order to justify year round salaries.”
  • “I would also nationalize health care. All healthcare forms and records would be standardized and people who currently pay their employers out of their paychecks would merely have that money directed to the federal government who would subsequently direct those funds to their insurance company of choice…”
  • “All people in the USA would be covered for major medical and they would be able to participate in three different programs guaranteed by the government but offered through insurance companies like it is now…”
  • “All children in America would be covered automatically up to 18 no matter what and all paychecks would have a fee taken out for that coverage…”
  • “Next I would provide grants to farmers who will take on the production of sugar cane which can subsequently be efficiently converted to fuel…”

These are the thoughts of a man prior to the Tea Party’s existence. In Hale’s ramblings, you can see that he is a bit lost, a little confused, opinionated and very impressionable. After the start of the Tea Party Movement in June 2008,through the Koch brothers co-opting the Tea Party, to his first official post as The Rockford Tea Party in February 2009, you can see how David has become the puppet for the 1%. It makes one wonder, had the Occupy Movement started first, would he be an Occupier instead?

How did Hale rise to the top of a local movement and convince his following to go against social safety nets, be proactive with personal responsibility all the while being the very person who is taking vacations over paying bills, taking welfare over standing on your own two feet and perhaps fraudulently manipulating the system for financial gain? This is the man who is seeking to replace Don Manzullo? With Hale’s track record of blatant hypocrisy and glaring manipulation of his followers, he may fill Manzullo’s shoes quite comfortably.

[UPDATE] Mr. Hale has since removed his blog. You can view our screen grabs here and here.


Submitted by davidhale on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 12:55pm.
Love this article. Full of outright lies and very poorly worked research. My father who died in 2009 owned the Photog Biz. He also owned the Advertising Biz and if the writer of this article would have bothered to contact me she would not have posted these many lies which of course is now recorded for a lawsuit. My student loans have been in good standing now for years because I got a job that allowed me to pay them off after returning to school to pay them off and under Illinois law once the loans are reported as defaulted they never come off the record until they are paid and of course I am paying them. As for the other lies and innuendo well the longer this website leaves the lies up the more case I have for the lawsuit. Should really check your fact there Katherine. Oh and by the way the home that belong to my 72 year old mother that is he home and not mine and of course you have no idea that i had to go back there early this year in order to care for her. You know that happens when an elderly parent gets wel uh elderly ya know. I love my mother and take care of her. Oh and the Order of Protection was filed falsely and was vacated. You know slandering a person is not such a good thing.

Submitted by davidhale on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 1:27pm.
WHat this proves is that I am not wealthy and extrememly responsible to take care of my family member and not pawn her off on someone else. She doesnt drive and is legally blind. What would you have me do leave her alone to die? Love the compassion from you left wingers. Its amazing.

Submitted by davidhale on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 1:49pm.
Other than the innuendo and lies of this article I am honored that you would think I am important enough to stalk. Please make sure you stay away from my mothers home. Anything happens there I will make sure to hold you personally responsible.

Submitted by davidhale on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 2:55pm.
Served three years Active Duty, three years Ready Reserve and Three years Nat Gaurd.

Submitted by Nomad on Wed, 11/02/2011 - 11:38pm.
Mr. David Jerry Hale Jr., thank you for making yourself look silly with your comments! I stand by my article and supporting evidence. It's not innuendo when it's factual. It's not stalking, it's called investigative journalism. You have made yourself a public figure when you decided to run for the office of the 16th District House of Representatives. You're running against Don Manzullo (rumored to be retiring) and Adam Kinzinger. I like to share my knowledge of political candidates with my readers. It's as simple as this: you don't practice what you preach! You make excuses for your lack of personal responsibility. I can only imagine your irresponsibility with your representation of Illinois' 16th District. I think Illinois has had enough of hypocritical officials. I was going point out your errors and contradictions within your very own comments, but I'm too embarassed for you. Christmas is coming, why don't you ask Santa to bring you a hubcap? Ta-Ta!

Submitted by DavidOccupy on Sat, 11/26/2011 - 8:04am.
Wow, judging by the reaction of the person in question from the article coming in here and going off in the comment section, me thinks you struck a raw nerve with this very telling article. I mean, it is not every day a wannabe politician makes the claims that his own words that he/she spoke years earlier are today a bunch of bold face lies. I must say, as much as we need to replace Don Manzullo, I'd rather keep him than having someone with such thinner skin take his place.

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