Not Rich? You Don't Count

The government isn’t shutting down. Aren’t we all just thrilled? Deep down, I felt it wouldn’t shut down anyway, I mean, would Congress be so bold as to still accept checks for not working? Nah, many said they wouldn’t take pay. Since they are greedy by nature, of course they will “strike a deal”.

Also, how on earth did the democrats “compromise”? Like Bill Maher said, it’s kind of like your lawyer telling you “I think I can get your tailgating charge upgraded to manslaughter.” I understand we all have to give up things and we have to “tighten our belts” but WHY doesn’t that apply to fat cats and corporations? Seriously, if we would make the top 2%- heck even the top 1% pay more taxes- it would create more revenue and we could be a much better functioning country.

Why are we taking away a $6.7 million dollar fund that helps

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Transocean Gives Americans the Finger

I just learned yesterday that Transocean has decided to give its top executives bonuses. You remember Transocean. They are the company along with British Petroleum [BP] who were blamed for the largest oil spill ever in recorded history. The fact they are doling out bonuses doesn't bother me. It's upsetting when they are handing these bonuses out under the reason "best year for safety". Especially when 11 people died on Deepwater Horizon and 9 of those worked for Transocean directly. Makes one wonder what the worst year for safety may look like, Armageddon?

It's like they are giving us the proverbial middle-finger, while sitting back in their extinct animal leather chairs, legs propped up on their hundred-thousand dollar desks laughing at us with smug looking grins on their faces. And if you ask me what they are really saying is...

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Rep. Anthony Weiner [D-NY] Tries to Educate Republican Colleagues With Children's Book

Today Representative Anthony Weiner [D-NY] addressed the House with a lesson in government. During his time, Mr. Weiner tried to help his Republican colleagues by reading from a children's book on politics. "House Mouse Senate Mouse" by Cheryl Shaw Barnes Peter W. Barnes (which you can pick up a copy here at Amazon)

Perhaps an attempt to help Eric Cantor, since he still has yet publicly admitted to his error. But I am sure more Teabagger Republicans than just Eric Cantor need the lessons. I really hold Congressman Weiner in high regards. He continues to stand up for the working class Americans and he fights with passion and conviction. This Congressman has no trouble calling out the blatant hypocrisy of his Republican / Tea-Party colleagues. The other democrats ought to take notice and pay attention to this guy. I only wish he were here in my state, too bad their aren't more democrats like him.

You can watch Congressman Weiner's speech here at It's quite funny and only two minutes. A good watch!

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