Maine Governor LePage Budget Favors Wealthy

Governor Paul LePage promised to defend “the traditional Maine values that have created strong communities and strong families across the state.” He also pledged to enact “new ideas to get Maine working.”

Well unless the traditional values of Maine are to take from the middle class and poor to give to the wealthiest residents- I think LePage has epically failed. In his budget that was released February 28, the governor has unveiled a slew of tax cuts, cutbacks in public services, and the gutting of public employee benefits and pensions.

Included in the budget is a provision that would raise the retirement age of public workers from 62 to 65, cut Maine’s prescription drug and health coverage for working parents program, end $400 of property tax relief for more than 75,000 middle-income Maine households, and freeze cost of living adjustments for state employee retirees — which already provides a meager average pension of only $18,500 per year.

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Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez Recalled

Miami-Dade County residents have voted to remove Mayor Carlos Alvarez and Commissioner Natacha Seijas from office. Results, including early and absentee voting, show 88 percent of voters want to recall Alvarez and just under the same percentage want to remove Seijas.

The push to remove Alvarez from office was led by and political action committee Miami Voice and billionaire car dealer Norman Braman, who said the mayor's fiscal decision endangered the community. The two drives began after Alvarez pushed through a budget that hiked the county’s tax rate and gave raises to county employees. Seijas voted for the budget.

Alvarez and Seijas tried to kill the recall in court.

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Iowa Police Now Equipped With Mind Reading Ability

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Let me tell you the story of Christine Taylor. Ms. Taylor was in her second trimester of pregnancy when she had an upsetting phone conversation with her estranged husband. She became light headed and fell down a flight of stairs in her home. Paramedics were called and deemed her to be fine, but Ms. Taylor thought she should go to the ER to ensure her unborn fetus was ok.

At the ER, Taylor confided in a nurse that at first she wasn’t sure she had wanted to keep this baby. She was unemployed, newly single and a mother of two already. She told the nurse that she had considered both adoption and abortion before deciding to keep the baby. The nurse told the doctor, who further questioned Taylor about her thoughts. Taylor was then being arrested for feticide. The doctor and the nurse felt that Taylor threw herself down the stairs on purpose.

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