The Tea Party

Dumbasses. Seriously. Yeah let's cut Head Start, LIHEAP, Pell grants, transportation-ya know- attack the poor and vanishing middle class. We simply must "keep dreamin" that one day- if we work hard enough, we too can be millionaires. All of us. I'm sooo happy GE made $14.1 BILLION & got that well deserved $4 billion rebate check. Whew. Gotta go get me a cup o tea. Thanks Teatards, you uneducated morons.

and since we gotta stop allowing abortion, we HAVE to cut WIC. I mean- force a woman to have a baby, but don't feed that heifer- or the baby. I can not believe people are so ignorant to what's going on around them. Really.

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you got that one wrong the thing is this doesnt happen around them,so why not punish and attack the people who cant afford,or need help with food,utilities,and other neccessities.

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No...quite a few teatards accept welfare in some form. (favorite quote: Get your hands off my medicare!- shows how idiotic and clueless they really are). They fail to realize that the problem isn't giving a family of 5 $300 a month in food ...stamps. Those people more often than not actually work. They pay taxes- unlike huge corporations and the TOP 1%...they make billions (in sheer profit) and PAY NOTHING,and GET TAX REFUNDS! In the BILLIONS! That's a problem. Huge problem.

Want more revenue? Try oh say- taxing the top 2% and corporations. Sit back and watch the money pour in. Or attack the bottom 98%. Your choice. However, not one person who is apart of the Koch party- I mean Tea Party/GOP should bitch when I call them stupid. They are. They also should just wipe their behinds with the Constitution and other laws. They win and convince the stupid sheep of this nation to smile and blame each other.

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umm...where exzactly in the Constitution does it say that it is the Governments job to provide the people with food, water, shelter, a job, healthcare, baby killers, or any other service?
You do realize, if those corporations were actuall...y located inside the U.S. they would be subject to the U.S. tax codes. You can thank ya boy Billy for that lovely loophole in the regs.
Do you actiualy know anything at all about the Tea Party, or are you just sitting back and repeating all the propaghanda Rachel Madcow and Harry Reid spew?

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I'm not a Harry Reid fan. He's an idiot more often than not. Where in the Constitution does it say the government can't provide people with food, water, shelter, a job, healthcare, abortion or any other service? I didn't say those things w...ere in the Constitution. I said the Tea Party tramples all over the Constitution.

However on my behalf, perhaps you've read this liberal piece of garbage before: (an excerpt)

*"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."*

I think I understand the Tea Party a lot. My thinking isn't influenced by one network, one reporter, one source. I also use handy dandy things such as, opensecrets,org,, (which is the same as Library of Congress, just adds a feature where you can follow the money trails)

I know about the corporations and the tricks they pull to be tax exempt. However, they claim to be US corporations for the tax breaks and corporate welfare and at the same time DO NOT want the burdens of being a US corporation. I thank your boy Bush for all of his lovely changes to the law to continue to allow and magnify this horrible act. I blame "my boy" Clinton for the start of the housing bubble. If we wanna start claiming "our boys" based on party affiliation, I could go on and on about Bush. That man is a war criminal and should have been tried as one. Clinton left office with a $5 trillion surplus. In the 2000 election debates, there were debates on how to use that surplus- your boy Bush certainly found an excellent way to wipe that out eh?

One last thing, the democrats did propose S.3816, which would have closed lots of loopholes for corporations and not reward them for shipping jobs out. Republicans couldn't have that though- it made sense!

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Oh and as far as abortion goes, I agree late term abortions should be banned (really, allowing abortions at 24 weeks is obnoxious), unless the mother's life is in danger. However, during the first trimester, if a woman decides to have an a...bortion, so be it. In my personal life, I am pro life, but I can't force that on anyone else. If we end abortions, I certainly hope laws are enacted to prevent men from being "baby killers" and ejaculating while masturbating. I mean, after all, if that sperm were allowed to connect with an egg, it would be life. So stop wasting it boys- you murderers. =)

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