Boehner's Newest Link

John Boehner severely needs professional help. I think he drinks too much.

My issue with republicans and their "solutions" is that really, what they aren't telling people-is that they are creating tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans by t...aking from the elderly, disabled, poor and middle class. The so called trickle down effect really isn't working. I firmly believe that yes ok fine- cut some spending, but stop lowering the taxes on corporations and the extremely wealthy. You have to keep revenue the same (or higher)or duh-the problem will never be fixed.

I could ramble away about this- politics are my passion =)

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I thought that the topic was Speaker Boehner's new website

It seems unlikely to me that the site was built by his own fair (or not) hands. Frankly, the design reminds me of the Morning Joe graphics... is that on CNN?

Moreover, the site is a bit of a mess, because it rewards members (membership is free) for starting their own discussions, instead of contributing to the same topic started by someone else.

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Seems the site is another attempt to be 'grass-roots'. Aimed at the very people whom the GOP-Tea Party are robbing the most. We know for a fact the recent maneuver by the Tea-Party Corporatists [Ryan's Budget] wishes to take 4.3 Trillion away from middle and lower class families while giving 4.2 Trillion in tax breaks and other incentives to the extreme wealthy and corporations. All in the name of reducing the deficit! Laughable! Too costly of a reduction, if you ask me.

Let us not forget the original Tea-Party was 'grass-roots', too, and stood for noble causes, but now it has been hijacked by Koch Industries and company. They turned it into a propaganda stream to for the naive and gullible. But it makes me happy to see Americans waking to the fact they made a mistake when electing these false legislators; most of whom ran on one platform and now have a completely different agenda. e.g. Labor Unions in Wisconsin, Fiscal-Martial-Law in Michigan, etc etc.

So this site is nothing more than the GOP-Tea Party's phony attempt to show concern for the people. The ONLY 'ideas' submitted to the site they will truly care about are those which benefit themselves directly or their biggest corporate donors. Submit the idea of eliminating taxes altogether for the top 1% or do away with OSHA completely and they will jump all over it--it may even make the news (FOX News for sure) as "The people want this."

Anyway, you're right rowenacherry, the site does resemble 'Morning Joe' on MSNBC.

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Oh, yes. MSNBC. That's right. Well, actually... it's leftie, but you are correct.

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