The Truth About the Economy

How did we get to where we are today? Why do many of Americans feel helpless and powerless to change the system? Why does it feel ever harder to “make it”? Why does it seem our education system is falling apart and not producing the intellectuals as it once did?

Give former Labor Secretary Robert Reich 2 minutes, 15 seconds and he will explain.

So there you have it, all spelled out below:

  1. Economy doubles since 1980, but wages flat. Where did the money go?
  2. All gains from the economy go to the super rich. And…
  3. With money comes political power. Taxes on Super rich slashes, revenues evaporate. This leads too.
  4. Hugh budget deficits. Middle class agitated, fights for scaps.
  5. Middle class divided. Buying and borrowing slow. Resulting in:
  6. Anemic recovery.
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