Tea Party/Republican's 2012 Presidential Election Insidious Maneuvers Underway

The Presidential Election Campaign Season is "just around the corner" and Republicans and Tea Party are wasting no time in setting the stage. The fact they don't have their constituents' best interests in mind is quite evident with the bills and shenanigans they pull in Congress. But this is no mistake, they are adept at diversion.

Take the diversions of real issues for instance. We Americans are hungry for jobs and were promised relief of high unemployment by the incoming Republicans and Tea Party in this past election. Even Republican John Boehner asked/asks, "Where are the jobs?" in regards to any policy the current administration passed/passes, as if Obama was ignoring the matter altogether. But now after gaining control of the House and expanding power in the Senate, Republicans and the Tea Party have given a number of social and cultural issues, completely unrelated to job creation, center stage.

For example: Slashing abortion rights, defunding planned parenthood, dismantling NPR and PBS, investigating American Muslims, declaring English as the Official Language, and not to forget, reaffirming the "In God We Trust" motto.

Take for instance: Scott Walker and trying to undercut unions, Snyder passing a policy where martial law could be declared in "economic emergencies", Dennis Daugaard passing an abortion bill to require pregnant women to visit anti-abortion clinics before seeing doctor.

The list goes on, and more often than not, these diversions from real constituent issues occur where Republicans and/or the Tea Party won in 2010. This diversion is not coincidence; nor is it addressing the issues the people want addressed. These diversions are setting the stage for the Presidential Election of 2012.

Republicans and the Tea Party have only one goal -- lower taxes on the elite rich and the largest corporations. Period. This goal as a party platform doesn't poll very well so they need to disguise it. How? Talk about topics that don't pertain to real American problems, like jobs, infrastructure, manufacturing, foreign policy, healthcare, prescription drug costs, nuclear power plant safety, etc, etc, etc. But instead talk about abortion, "In God We Trust", public programs like NPR and PBS; you know, all the "important" issues of today. What about the issues that actually help put bread on the tables of Americans? Forget about it.

In short, they will 'wag the dog' at any expense. All I hope is the American audience is smart enough to realize these diversions are mere stage-setters for the puppet show that's to come next year. I truly believe we Americans are waking up to the reality of phony politicians and the greedy lengths they will go to acquire more donations to their campaigns.


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Very good article! Couldn't agree more. Have any of the Repubs who were crying "it's about jobs" even answered where those jobs were?

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if republicans and tea partiers are so bad....how come nothing has happened lately for anyone from the democrats then? what about schools or spending or budget cuts? are they trying their hardest but the republicans are the problem?

nothing is getting done for anyone by anyone.

it doesnt matter what party they belong too...they all suck.

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how come nothing has happened lately for anyone from the democrats

Funny you ask:

Please know the democrats do not have all the power now, and John Boehner is the Speaker of the House, which means he, and only he, decides what bills will be talked about and voted on. So, currently from the house you see nothing but bullshit that means little to our nation as far as recovering from the nation's worst recession since the Great Depression. As far as the Senate? The republicans keep blocking the jobs bill the dems are putting forth. So, to the Republicans and the Tea Party congressmen, this is nothing but a political game to them. Like I wrote, they have NO AMERICAN'S BEST INTEREST in mind when they say what they say (but their own of course).

So you ask what HAVE the Dems done when they have a chance? check out the following:

What The Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?

It DOES matter what party they belong to....because the Democrats are trying to help the poorest among us and expand the middle class while the Republicans/Tea Party are ONLY about making money for their corporate donors. All you have to do is follow the money to see that!

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What job bills did republicans block? You are lying

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Wow, Candid2.. to come out and accuse me of lying takes some balls. Lying? Really? Do you live in the US? Do you watch any news? There are countless bills the Republicans / Teabaggers have blocked in 2010 alone! I could list them all here but, why, so you could still say im lying?

So instead I found this for you. If you don't want to take their word for it, google the individual bills themselves and learn a thing or two about your absolute greedy people you wish to associate with. [Read that as Republicans / Tea-baggers are only interested in passing bills that either help themselves or help their corporate donors.

Without further ado:

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Informative article! Recently, I've heard the news about the special election. A seat which was previously held by the Republicans in New York's 26th Congressional District was won by Democrat Kathy Hochul in Tuesday's special political election. Hochul's opponent was Republican Jane Corwin who lost by the modest margin of 47 percent to 43 percent. Democrat-turned-Tea Party candidate Jack Davis took 9 percent of the race. Here is the proof: Democrat gets seat from GOP, nestype.com

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In the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney is officially a candidate. He declared this on Thursday, June 2. As someone who studied economics, he may be just the guy the U.S. requires to repair the economic climate. That is the platform he is running on too. Romney will have a tough run though since he has to do better than all the Republican candidates. Then, he even has to beat President Obama who's pretty popular right now.

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