The Koch Brothers Run GOP

Oil tycoon brothers Charles and David Koch are two gigantic genius hypocrites. Aside from that, they are also unfortunately dangerous. Why? Well because David and Charles Koch are billionaires (each personally worth about $21.5 billion) with selfish ideas. They preach libertinism, small government and conservative ideas. This is fine and dandy, except they accept corporate welfare, bailouts for a failing Alaskan oil refinery, and use government subsidies to maximize their own profits. Examples? They lease federal land for their agribusiness for free. Koch logs public forests for private gain- the tax payers cover operating costs. They have won massive government contracts using their close relationship with the Bush administration.(about $85 million in federal government contracts-mostly from the Department of Defense) This sounds more socialistic than libertarian doesn’t it? (yes, that was sarcasm!) I especially find it amusing they spent MILLIONS lobbying against health care reform and Koch Industries was at the top of the list of corporations asking for the subsidies that health care reform created.

The Koch brothers founded Citizens for a Sound Economy, which has now turned into Americans For Prosperity and Freedom Works. From 2005 to 2008, Koch industries donated $5.7 million on political campaigns and $37 million on direct lobbying to support fossil fuel industries. They spent $40 million in the 2010 elections. Charles Koch founded the Cato Institute in 1977. Charles and David frequently rely heavily on front groups they finance. Charles Koch cites “freedom index”, which is a creation of the Koch funded Heritage Foundation, along with “unfunded liabilities” claim which was supplied by Koch funded National Center for Policy Analysis.

Between 1997 and 2008, Koch Industries donated a total of nearly $48 million to climate opposition groups. According to Greenpeace, Koch Industries is the major source of funds of what Greenpeace calls "climate denial". One would ask, why on earth would they lobby so hard against something that an overwhelming majority of scientists believe to be a fact? Perhaps it’s because Koch Industries produces 25% of tar sands oil brought into the United States.

I think with all of the budget cuts, union busting, taking from the middle class and poor people to “balance the budget”, we should be fair and take a look at the Kochs. I mean, in the interest of being patriotic fair people. The land of opportunity and such. The Kochs could start by giving up the $1 billion their biofuels division is scheduled to receive in 2011 alone. That’s $1 billion in savings from just one of many massive taxpayer subsidies the Kochs profit from. Not only will that help balance the budget, but taxpayers will no longer be forced to watch helplessly as their hard-earned money is used to fund radical right-wing Tea Party Republicans or is spent on causes that deny Americans the same universal health care that every other First World country offers its citizens.

David and Charles Koch- shame on you! These greedy, hypocritical, lying, manipulative ass hats need to be exposed for what they really are.

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