Conversation with a Tea-Party Member

This is my actual Facebook conversation I had with a Tea-Party Member. Only the names have been changed to protect their privacy; but otherwise this is the raw and true conversation:

<TEA PARTYIST> I have read alot of these things in this video at various times and wondered how did it get this far? OBAMA BANNED THIS VIDEO - Barry Soetoro? Join Coach: Follow Coach: Learn About Coach: OBAMA BANNED THIS VIDEO
<Nomad> Wow...such a shame people (mostly white) are so upset over a non white president that they resort to this kind of crap
<TEA PARTYIST> Actually the thing I do like about Obama is that he is BLACK!!!
<TEA PARTYIST> He banned this video not me!
<Nomad> If he truly banned it, it wouldn't be online.
<TEA PARTYIST> Really then how does all the music videos and so forth get online before being released or anything else on the internet?
<Nomad> There is a difference between banning and leaking
<TEA PARTYIST> So everything that is banned isn't leaked somehow or another?
<Nomad> If Obama truly wanted it off the internet, it would be gone- not accessible all over the internet- especially youtube.
<TEA PARTYIST> I'm not sure about that because people want to know and they will find out
<Nomad> Correct. banned means not giving permission- even after released. Leaked is before it's been technically released to the public.
<TEA PARTYIST> Hey if Kim Kardashiam doesnt give her permission doesnt mean it isnt going to be out there!
<Nomad> Right. Her video was leaked not banned.
<TEA PARTYIST> In this day and age you can get anything you want TRUE?
<Nomad> Nope. You can however make shit up off the top of your head and make it all "appear" to link together
<TEA PARTYIST> Depends on who wants to pay the money and who is going to receive it I'd say someone who has already made millions but is greedy and wants a little more took it well not our president though he is POOR FOLK
<TEA PARTYIST> Hows the bill coming can you even understand HEALTHCARE as they see it except for " You pay for it" wether you want it or not?
<TEA PARTYIST> Unemployed and no healthcare fined or prison time? is that what it says really?
<Nomad> LOL, I'm almost done with it. It is a huge read. Why so down on Obama? Are you aware that with all of this "out of control" spending the deficit is down? Or no?
<Nomad> um no. If you don't have healthcare, at the end of the year there is a $750 penalty on your taxes. You don't have to pay it and you won't be thrown into prison.
<TEA PARTYIST> Deficit down what country do you live in we are in the trillions now not just to chuna but to everyone who says its down?
<Nomad> It's down. It's not at zero but it's down. It's not rising. It's going down. Google it. Open your eyes isn't that what you are always telling everyone else?
<TEA PARTYIST> really i want to know the exact page and reference bill thats from because i may need to use that someday
<TEA PARTYIST> A TRILLION DOLLAR debt we have never seen before in our lifetime and hopefull;y never will again are you serious my children your children will be paying for this the rest of there lives
<TEA PARTYIST> Let me give you an example of debt
<Nomad> BUSH drove the country into massive debt. I'm not just saying that because he was a lousy excuse for president. Facts are facts. It's the truth. I'm sorry you don't understand that the deficit is down 8%.
<TEA PARTYIST> DOWN it was only in the billions now its in the trillions??????? Let me find a real easy way to explain this to you thru Lousiana and then you tell me Is our CHILDREN going to suffer?
<Nomad> Update, May 11: The health care bill that was signed into law by President Obama says criminal penalties will not apply to those who refuse to get coverage and refuse to pay the penalty tax. As we wrote in a March 2010 post on the IRS' responsibilities, the law says on page 131: "In the case of any failure by a taxpayer to timely pay any penalty imposed by this section, such taxpayer shall not be subject to any criminal prosecution or penalty with respect to such failure." More
<Nomad> Let me explain. Yes Obama added to the deficit. You have to spend money to make money. Now, the deficit is going down. When dumb dumb was in office, it was rising continuously at the largest percentage increase in history.
<Nomad> There isn't a single corporation that hasn't taken a government hand out. They are getting grants to do things. They can afford it, but prefer corporate welfare.
<TEA PARTYIST> Really I know this as much as I have been in Washington Lately nd do you know what they call the Lobbists? or the Unions for ex: The Bag Men:::: And do you know why? Because in days gone by they just used to carry BAGS of money to however against them at the moment now they have to lobby but BIG UNIONS are doing it in a different way now WAKE UP arent they all!!!! No insentive to be true to the PEOPLE no reassurance that we arnt getting screwed from no one and no where I dont want to have my children suffer for the greediness that is ahppening especially now? Do You? Do you think Barak hasnt made alot of money? and I dont mean Dollars I mean MILLIONS EVEN MORE!!!!!
<TEA PARTYIST> If I could ask him one question it would be from your book sales alone couldn't you spread the wealth and at least by your brother a house instead f a hut?
<Nomad> He hasn't made nearly the amount of money that Merrill Lynch has made. Not nearly as much as the oil men- Cheney and Bush. Unions? You really think unions have the most money to lobby? Check out the Chamber of Commerce, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, banks. A hut? WTF are you sipping on over there?
<TEA PARTYIST> Unions and I have had my deal with them and it was not pretty take like 38 cents from the dollar depending on how much you make and if you work for a county or a teachers union or from a avon or GE they do make alot of money and they don't give it back to you so where does it go?
<TEA PARTYIST> At least an oil company puts it back into production or gives you somekind of layoff pay NOT these people steel workers or doctors unions
<Nomad> Actually, when I was in the county union, dues were the same across the board- $16.45 bi weekly. Do your research <Name edited>. Unions do not have corporate money. The Chamber of Commerce lobbies millions. The union money pays for the expenses of the leaders, supplies, etc. Avon has a union? I think not- research that one again <Name edited>.
<Nomad> WHAT?! BULL! Where are you living? The profit goes straight into lobbyists pockets and their own.
<TEA PARTYIST> Or they put it in the pockets of the our congressmen!!! Ive seen it first hand and union dues where I worked was based on the amount you made not across the board
<Nomad> What union may I ask? Just curious. Yes unions lobby. They however- DO NOT have nearly the amount of lobby money that corporations have. You know the corporations that care so much they are shipping our jobs overseas at an alarming rate.
<TEA PARTYIST> Well back to Obama have you never seen these things about him? Who is he?
<TEA PARTYIST> The Steel Workers Ubion had alot of money to go for elections they would even bring us signs and bumper stickers have you ever belonged to an union?
<TEA PARTYIST> Do you reall know what is going on I practically live in Washington DC and I see things going on there that I would be put in Jail for!
<Nomad> Yes I have (see above posts). Click your heels together 3 times and come on back to reality. While you are so anti union, anti the citizens of the united states and are in fact pro corporations that are raping you repeatedly- research with an OPEN MIND!!!
<TEA PARTYIST> I would love to bring you here so you could see for yourself you would be ashamed
<Nomad> Oh geez- my husband lived in DC for years.
<TEA PARTYIST> Have you ever listened to the things that our president listened to most of his life arn't you a little ashamed of those things like GOD DAMN AMERICA from his REV.
<Nomad> I am ashamed of how corporations buy our politicians. It happens. No argument there. Stop blaming Obama for it and research who is funding your Boehner, DeMint, O'Donnell, Angle,McCain, etc. The corporations throw money at the republicans. You still won't comment on the bill I posted on here to you. S.3816.
<Nomad> No I'm not and you only find the bad <Name edited>. You refuse to open your eyes and see the good things Obama has done. Why you won't acknowledge any of the good stuff is BEYOND me.
<TEA PARTYIST> Hey I love the fact that he has pulled troops out nd I love the fact that I have to pay for Insurance that you cant find anything good in and i love the fact that my and your children will ve paying for this the rest of their lives Im just said that he's amking money and not sharing the wealth he was the most endorsedis an easier way of saying he got ALOT of money and no transparency and hope and change I don;t get it I guessI am a little sinicle for some reason I LOVE AMERICA THE LAND OF THREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE
<Nomad> Nice way to dodge. Do you like credit card reform? Do you like 2 million jobs created? Do you like knowing that you can not be denied or kicked off insurance because you have the audacity to get sick? Do you like that the deficit is down 8% and still falling?
<Nomad> I suppose you like jobs being shipped overseas, tax cuts so ridiculous that corporations DON'T PAY or pay VERY LITTLE. I suppose you like oil spills- who needs that silly gulf anyway?
<TEA PARTYIST> When I see it I will Believe it untill then?
<Nomad> Why do you feel that the largest corporations are allowed to pay ZERO taxes? Yet they STILL get GRANTS from your lovely tax dollars? Why is that ok? Seriously it pisses me off and I would love to know why you feel it's ok
<TEA PARTYIST> I dont feel one way or another for large coorps its small business that i worry about and YOU?
<Nomad> Google credit card reform <Name edited>. Look up jobs created under Obama. You don't want to see it. it's much better buying into this silly propaganda. What aren't you seeing? Because I love ya but if you don't see what's going on you need to open your eyes to everything.
<TEA PARTYIST> All of my family has had or is in small business and this admisitration is killig IT!!!!!
<TEA PARTYIST> Because like I said we have owned or someone I know does own a Small business get reall here help me out what good has he done for them????
<Nomad> You don't worry about large corporations? The very large corporations are jumping on the "small business" bandwagon. To qualify for small business, you have to have a small number of OWNERS not revenue, not number of employees. Look Koch Industries. Second largest in the US, they file as "small business". The largest engineering firm in the WORLD files as a "Small business" in the United States.
<Nomad> My husband owns a small business. My grandparents owned one before they retired a few years ago. Be mad at Bush for the recession that has hurt TRUE SMALL BUSINESSES! I know you are angry over your husband losing his job after 9/11, but you can't blame Obama for that!
<TEA PARTYIST> Well then what is up with all the health and REGULATIONS and taxes that small business owners have to deal with? MARK my words there will be NO small businesses because someone wants to be a dictator and if you let that happen I will personnally
<TEA PARTYIST> Laugh in yourface for letting it happen!!!
<Nomad> <Name edited>'s not Obama. He has tried to implement tax credits for true small businesses. Your friends the Republicans blocked those pieces of legislation.
<TEA PARTYIST> this is supposed to be a country of FREEDOM and that means if you want to be a couch potatoe you can but if you want to get off your ass an work day and night to be somebody you can it wont be soon!!! Look around how many samll businesses do you have in your community
<Nomad> Did you read anything I wrote? I'm going to copy and paste it. PLEASE while your laughing, explain it to me: You don't worry about large corporations? The very large corporations are jumping on the "small business" bandwagon. To qualify for... small business, you have to have a small number of OWNERS not revenue, not number of employees. Look Koch Industries. Second largest in the US, they file as "small business". The largest engineering firm in the WORLD files as a "Small business" in the United States.
<TEA PARTYIST> How many lets count them now so in about 24 months we can count them again please count them NOW
<TEA PARTYIST> And let me know so we can compare the resullts
<Nomad> <Name edited>, then get on corporations ASSSES who are shipping jobs out, not paying taxes and not hiring American. Make them responsible. If they have so many loopholes that they pay next to nothing or nothing, then they can afford to build and price things cheaper. The true mom and pop shops can't because they don't have the money to compete. The government is making it possible for corporations to rape us. Change the laws so they can't do it.
<Nomad> You dodge too much <Name edited>. You want to help small businesses then you have to hold the almighty LARGE corporations to standards. You can't keep letting them ride on the "we're a small business because we have 3 owners" rule. These corporations NEED to be taxed properly and they need to be given a hefty tax especially if they ship jobs out. Right now we thank them for shipping jobs out by giving them tax breaks to do so!
<TEA PARTYIST> really I saw a report the other day that said the only resaon the goverment had to pay for a nail 10dollars was because from the time the started it to the time they finished it was because of all the reconfigurations andit went back to the same thing in the beginning it that progress?
<Nomad> Do some actual research or actually read the stuff I send you. Don't keep spewing "oh poor small business" and at the same time saying "go ahead large corporations, please keep skirting around taxes and give our jobs away."
<Nomad> Answer my questions <Name edited>. Don't ignore or dodge them.
<TEA PARTYIST> thats our goverment dollars at work and I could tell you alot more about the FAA fderal Aviation Assiciation but I wont becaude I know what is and to much assess in that sitution
<Nomad> I refuse to have anymore debates on this with you until you answer. Let's stay to one issue at a time. I'm ready with my facts, are you? Obviously not because you just skipped right over it. LOL
<TEA PARTYIST> Please your a smart girl just start something you know you'll get rich start an Adult Daycare only take care of 5 people and see what happens when the goverment stepps in Please you'll do GOOD!!!!
<Nomad> I do private care now. I have 3 clients. The government hasn't said a word to me. Now back to the issue I stated please.
<TEA PARTYIST> Really then they do not know you have a business or do they i bet they will now!!!!
<Nomad> Not a business, a contractor I suppose. I file my taxes and report as a self employed nurse
<TEA PARTYIST> Im not sure about coorperate business all I know is they will not kill or cure with the 2 percent of americans on or off the grid they will not help us poor people at all!!!
<Nomad> <Name edited> reread: You don't worry about large corporations? The very large corporations are jumping on the "small business" bandwagon. To qualify for... small business, you have to have a small number of OWNERS not revenue, not number of ...employees. Look Koch Industries. Second largest in the US, they file as "small business". The largest engineering firm in the WORLD files as a "Small business" in the United States.
<TEA PARTYIST> I wouldnt give out anymore info than i had to is nones business nut its all over the net now im sure!!!
<Nomad> Why are you not mad as hell about that?
<Nomad> Who cares? I file as self employed <Name edited>. It's not a big deal. Oh you irritate me something fierce!
<Nomad> Why do you feel insisting on corporations paying taxes would not help?
<TEA PARTYIST> Because you have to have under so many workers to qualify as a small businessand obviously unless the bag men got to Obama this is going to work!! and of course not enough money
<Nomad> No not true. You have to have under a certain amount of OWNERS not EMPLOYEES
<TEA PARTYIST> WELL because 2 percent to me is obviously something different to you!!!!
<Nomad> Koch Industries for example. File as "small". They have oil refineries, formaldehyde manufacturing plants, make brawny, mardi gras, dixie cups, stainmaster carpet, oh yeah and started Americans for Prosperity
<Nomad> What?
<TEA PARTYIST> So you want me to Believe that Koch has claimed a small business claim? When I think everyone in the world has heard that NAME someway or another LOL
<TEA PARTYIST> Who is telling you this sham of a stuff? <Nomad> well it's true. maybe you don't want to believe it so we can say it's secretly Obama but yes <Name edited>, they file as S corp. Which is small business. It's not revenue, it's not amount of employees. IT'S NUMBER OF OWNERS!
<Nomad> IT'S AVAILABLE ONLINE! STOP LOOKING FOR OBAMA CONSPIRACIES AND LOOK UP REAL STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!! Or live in never never land- whatever you feel like doing. You make the Republicans look like jackasses!

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