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Responsiblity & "Sharing The Burden" of The Budget Crisis

Whenever someone looks at a budget crisis at any given moment, it’s easy to point to “cut spending, raise revenue” and say it's the best and most fair solution. While, on the surface, this is a great way to compromise and “move forward”, and it usually is... just not this time.

I have always had a problem with the idiocy of some people who forget or ignore the past. If you remind these people whom was responsible for “spilling the milk”, their reply is usually something like: “We need to focus on the current issue at hand.” or “You are just trying to point the finger.” Then they quickly want to move to a “fair” compromise. What I think is “fair” is: whomever “makes the mess, cleans it up”. How many times does your child have to spill the milk, before you take direct control of the milk-carton away? Same thing with the budget.

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The Tea Party

Dumbasses. Seriously. Yeah let's cut Head Start, LIHEAP, Pell grants, transportation-ya know- attack the poor and vanishing middle class. We simply must "keep dreamin" that one day- if we work hard enough, we too can be millionaires. All of us. I'm sooo happy GE made $14.1 BILLION & got that well deserved $4 billion rebate check. Whew. Gotta go get me a cup o tea. Thanks Teatards, you uneducated morons.

Unions & the Constitutional Right to Assembly

Why do Republicans have issue with this? The constitution spells this out for us. We have a right to assembly in the First Amendment of the Constitution. Oh wait, I forgot, the tea-baggers don't believe in the Constitution because it didn't come from God.