Conservatism in the United States

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Conservatives: Do You Really Enjoy Being Hypocrites? Part 1

The question I ponder toward my conservative counter parts: Are you stupid or just a hypocrite? I try to inform, but most of the time I'm met with "You and your 'lame stream' media!" So- I lean towards not that bright when it comes to government & economics, but hey- maybe I'm wrong. "Less Government" is one of the right-wing slogans. Within the slogan "less government" is the whole conservative set of assumptions about the nature of the "free market" and government's role in that market. In fact, the whole "public sector/private sector" distinction is an invention of the conservatives. They say that the "private sector" exists outside and independently of the "public sector". The public sector, according to conservative ideology, can only "interfere" with the "private sector", and that such "interference" is "inefficient".

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The Founding Fathers, Capitalism & the GOP

I have just read an interesting article on the difference between the founding Fathers and Republicans.  In case you didn’t know,, the source of the article [1], is a left-wing organization and needs to be considered when reading. So of course, the article suggests the GOP is nothing like our Founding Fathers; yet we are yearning to return to those ideas.  Suggesting the support of capitalism by republicans is detrimental to the country and against our Founders’ intent.   In the rest of this article, I will illustrate exactly how much we have similar intents, but how the author completely misleads his readers concerning capitalism and corporatism. (And he throws in some insults for good measure.)


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