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Don Manzullo: Did You Forget Who You Represent?

I live in Rockford, IL.  It carries the title of ninth most dangerous city in the USA.  We have over 150,000 citizens and is one of the poorest cities in the state.  Our taxes are high, education low and getting worse, the city is crumbling, there are no jobs, corruption runs wild, and the crime rate soars.  

Rockford has an unemployment rate that hovers around 14%, a graduation rate of 79.9% (as of 2010), and 75% of our students live in low income homes. Our crime statistics break down like this: (as of 2009)

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Scheming Rove: Show Him the Money!

Karl Rove is undeserving of a speck of respect. This man has no integrity and is a coy, manipulative, scheming man. George W. Bush has called Karl Rove “The Architect”. While I have to hand it to Rove, he does seem to be capable of running campaigns- no matter how dirty he has to get or how low he must stoop. Prior to Rove’s time at the White House, he was a Republican political consultant and strategist. He worked on many notable campaigns.

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Mark Kirk is bad for Illinois

Mark Kirk (R, IL-10) is currently a member of the House of Representatives. Alexi Giannoulias (D) is currently the Illinois State Treasurer. These two men are battling it out for Barack Obama's old Senate seat. While both of these candidates leave much to desire, I plan on giving Giannoulias my vote. Here's why: Mark Kirk has shown us that he can not be trusted. He has lied about serving in Iraq. In 2003, Kirk lied on the House floor stating: "The last time I was in Iraq, I was in uniform flying at 20,000 feet and the Iraqi Air Defense Network was shooting at us." Well, no, actually that's not true. It never happened. I feel that by claiming that he was a "veteran of Operation Desert Storm" he not only lied, but tried to get respect and honor that he did not earn. Kirk has falsely claimed to have won the U.S. Navy's intelligence officer of the year award, falsely claimed to "command the war room in the Pentagon", his involvement in Kosovo and his time as a teacher.

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