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Rep. Paul Ryan [R-WI] Booed at a Town Hall

Could it be, we, Americans, are beginning to awake from our cozy slumber? It seems the mountain of lies and the barrels of deceit could finally be catching up to the Republican-Tea Party. Finally, for once the public makes it known their Representative is full of it. This time it's Paul Ryan [R] of Wisconsin. His constituents let him know exactly how they feel about his lies and his bogus "Pathway to Prosperity" budget proposal.

CONSTITUENT: The middle class is disappearing right now. During this time of prosperity, the top 1 percent was taking about 10 percent of the total annual income, but yet today we are fighting to not let the tax breaks for the wealthy expire? And we’re fighting to not raise the Social Security cap from $87,000? I think we’re wrong.

RYAN: A couple things. I don’t disagree with the premise of what you’re saying. The question is what’s the best way to do this. Is it to redistribute… (Crosstalk)

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Rep. Anthony Weiner [D-NY] Tries to Educate Republican Colleagues With Children's Book

Today Representative Anthony Weiner [D-NY] addressed the House with a lesson in government. During his time, Mr. Weiner tried to help his Republican colleagues by reading from a children's book on politics. "House Mouse Senate Mouse" by Cheryl Shaw Barnes Peter W. Barnes (which you can pick up a copy here at Amazon)

Perhaps an attempt to help Eric Cantor, since he still has yet publicly admitted to his error. But I am sure more Teabagger Republicans than just Eric Cantor need the lessons. I really hold Congressman Weiner in high regards. He continues to stand up for the working class Americans and he fights with passion and conviction. This Congressman has no trouble calling out the blatant hypocrisy of his Republican / Tea-Party colleagues. The other democrats ought to take notice and pay attention to this guy. I only wish he were here in my state, too bad their aren't more democrats like him.

You can watch Congressman Weiner's speech here at It's quite funny and only two minutes. A good watch!

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